Neoclassical ballet

Tampa City Ballet will present INTERSTICES

Two performances will be presented on October 9 at 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Cuban Club, 2010 N. Avenida Republica de Cuba at 14th Street, Tampa.

INTERSTICES – A Break in Continuity features over 25 dancers and musicians taken from “traditional” sets and introduced to audiences moving in and around the historic Cuban Club. Each floor of the neoclassical Club will be used. The main performance, staged in the magnificent Grand Ballroom on the top floor, is the next stop on the creative path called 7th Avenue and Ybor – the story of art, beauty, history and culture. culture in the heart of the famous town of Ybor in Tampa. The setting for INTERSTICES is Ybor.7th Avenue and Ybor, post-depression and pre-WWII, a continuous and progressive creation envisioned by TCB Founder and Artistic Director Paula Nuñez, a true visionary in her commitment to expanding the cultural experience of dance. in the Tampa Bay community for the past 17 years. She is also a faculty member of the Department of Dance and Theater at the University of South Florida (USF). Paula uses storytelling through innovative dance and music performances with classically trained dancers but shaped by her unique collaborative approach. Performances are presented in off-the-beaten-track spaces, indoors and outdoors, so the lessons of the stories are accessible to more people as they learn the importance of the art dance in all its forms.One of the hallmarks of the non-profit dance company, TCB, is its dedication to discovering and developing dance talent to help them on the path to a career in professional dance. Paula explains, “The Tampa City Ballet gives everyone, dancers and musicians, ballet masters and even me, opportunities to explore the very nature of art and its power to express ideas and emotions. . She continues, “Our stories are meant to uplift individuals, enrich, heal and transform lives.” For all TCB productions, Paula recruits professional and pre-professional talent from across the region and around the world. INTERSTICES features guest artists such as Nicole Assaad, former dancer with the Hong Kong Ballet and Daniel Sarabia, former dancer with the National Ballet of Cuba and Béjart Ballet. Current guest artists from Dance Alive National Ballet (Gainesville, FL) also join José Antonio Ramos from Cuba and Fhilipe Teixeir from Brazil. There are over 20 other local and regional dancers and performers at the Cuban Club – don’t miss them!Live music will be provided throughout the Cuban Club by local musical artists, including renowned singer and pianist, Alina Izquierdo, and Grady’s Rhythm Gentlemen, a quintet “of performers, educators, recording artists and well-known family men in the Tampa Bay area. .The 2018 award-winning dance production 7th Avenue first examined social justice issues in early 20th century Ybor City, such as workers’ rights (cigar factory workers), racism (laws Jim Crow), illicit activities (gambling, gangsters, and crime), and dominating characters and politicians (like Charlie Wall). In response to COVID-19, TCB produced its first dance art film, 102 Degrees, which linked the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic to today’s tragic pandemic through the fever dreams of a first responder of modern times and a nurse from Ybor. 102 Degrees received the Best Film award at the prestigious Canadian Experimental, Dance & Music Festival. TCB and Creative Loafing are screening 102 Degrees on Friday, September 24, from 7:30-9:00 p.m. at CL Space, 204 E. Henderson Ave, Tampa. Wine and beer will be available. To celebrate the great news of winning BEST FILM, TCB invites everyone to join us on Friday night (donations accepted)!INTERSTICES – A Break in Continuity will be presented on October 9 at 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Cuban Club, 2010 N. Avenida Republica de Cuba at 14th Street, Tampa. Tickets can be purchased online with Eventbrite at: