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Norman Lebrecht

June 29, 2022

The School of Jacob’s Pillow Contemporary Ballet Performance Ensemble

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It’s the season for wonderful outdoor performances from festivals around the world. One of my favorites is Jacob’s Pillow, the festival and school of contemporary dance, located in the Berkshires. This festival has been active during the pandemic to expand its audience beyond beautiful Massachusetts with many videos it makes available worldwide.

These new productions are produced by The School at Jacob’s Pillow Performance Ensemble and offer an inside look at the student and teacher experience and feature repertoire created on the dancers by leading choreographers who serve as the program’s teachers.

Dancers of Jacob’s Pillow School are apprentices, interns, pre-professionals and early career professionals from all over the world. Festival 2022 professional development programs are on hand and are designed to foster the artistic growth of the next generation of dance artists.

Here are performances from the Performance Ensembles in a variety of genres. Contemporary ballet (June 25), contemporary (July 16), musical theater (August 6) and dance theater: Afro-Latin immersion (August 20).
June 25, 2022 6:00 PM ET

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