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Missouri Contemporary Ballet changes name to Mareck Center for Dance | Central Missouri News

COLUMBIA — Effective July 1, Missouri Contemporary Ballet will change its name to the Mareck Center for Dance.

The new name change was voted on by the dance company’s board of directors. A 2020 press release said they had come to the conclusion that using “Missouri” in the name “limited” the extent to which the dance company could grow.

The board then voted in favor of the change not only to improve perception of the organization’s mission, but also to honor Karen Mareck Grundy, the company’s founder.

According to the statement, by including “Mareck” in the name, the company “famous[s] and honor[s] the artistic vision that she continually seeks to share with our community.”

The name of the company’s dance school, The School of Missouri Contemporary Ballet, was also a factor in the decision. According to the release, the name has become “cumbersome due to its length and narrow focus on the perception of ‘ballet’ as the only dance form featured.”

Mary Wilkerson, chair of the board of the Mareck Center for Dance, summarized the company’s name change.

“The history and future of dance are diverse. Our new name embodies this spirit! she says.